What To Expect


Note: Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, Ascension is gathering for worship online.  We livestream our worship service on Facebook and YouTube each Sunday at 10 am.


When are services?

Services are on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am and 10:00am.  They take place in the Ascension Sanctuary, located just to your right as you enter our main doors.

Are all services the same?

Not exactly. Our 8:30am service is traditional, our 10:00am is contemporary.

Will I be greeted?

We have ushers and greeters standing by the main doors each Sunday for each service. They are there to welcome you, hand you a service bulletin, and answer any questions you may have.


What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable.  After all, we are thrilled that you’re joining us and want you to be more focused on the service than what you’re wearing.  It’s not uncommon to see people wearing jeans, sandals, and shorts.  Others prefer to still put on their “Sunday best,” and that’s fine too!   We know you’ll fit in no matter how you dress.


Where should I park?

We have designated premium parking spots for our guests that are only a few steps from our main entrance, as well as premium spots for handicapped parking.

Where do my children go?

Ascension has nursery sitters available to parents or caregivers of children ages 0 through age 5. Our children’s Sunday school is held during the 10:00am service. This service begins with all the kids with their families in the sanctuary, then after the opening hymns and prayers we call the kids forward for a ‘Children’s Sermon’. After the children’s sermon the kids are led to their Sunday school classrooms for lessons.

Am I expected to put money in the offering?

If you are visiting with us, we don’t expect you to put money in the offering, and you are welcome to just let it pass you by.  We hope the service is a gift to you. If you consider Ascension your church home, we’d love for you to prayerfully consider giving.